Lost Goat In Gaston County

Jan 10, 2013

If you’re looking to adopt a dog or cat, you might search the local animal control’s website. But on the Gaston County Animal Shelter’s website, the pull down menu also includes a “livestock” option. If you select it, you’ll find one listing: a brown and white male goat.

Animal Control was called when someone from outside of Bessemer City reported the animal running loose on New Year’s Eve. The goat has been at the shelter ever since. Sgt. James Phil of Animal Control says there

The goat is housed alongside dogs and cats at the Gaston County Animal Shelter.
Credit Gaston County Animal Control

have been a couple of inquiries, but they haven’t yet found the owner. With pets like dogs and cats, he says, the shelter can start looking for a new owner after 3 days. With livestock, however, the state requires them to wait 30 days. And if the owner doesn’t turn up, the animal is auctioned off. Sgt. Phil says this happens sometimes, and the animals go for between $20 and $100.