Lineman's History Museum

Aug 18, 2011

Lineman's History Museum We live in a largely wireless world. Our phones, computers, and even printers and other devices work without wires. But for most of our modern history that wasn't the case and telephone, cable and electricity linemen helped usher in the most important advances of our technological history over the last hundred years. There is a museum dedicated to linemen in Shelby and two members of that museum, as well as a lineman's history expert join us to talk about how America got wired. Plug in and tune in when Charlotte Talks. Guests Andy Price - Founder and Curator, International Lineman's Museum and Hall of Fame Murray C. Walker - Artifact Collector, International Lineman's Museum and Hall of Fame Alan Drew - Founder and Teacher at Northwest Lineman College Add and read comments See some of the artifacts from the Lineman's Museum here.