Li'l Abner & Education In North Carolina

Jun 26, 2014



Part 1

Central Piedmont Community College's summer theater season is underway and they are producing a southern favorite, Li'l Abner. Based on the wildly popular Al Capps cartoon Li'l Abner, which ran from the 1930’s for over 40 years, CPCC’s production has an ironic twist. In the title role is newcomer Zach Teague. Over 50 years ago another unknown, Peter Palmer, got the nod as the Broadway star of Li'l Abner. Both actors join us. Palmer, now in his 80’s is still going strong and Mr. Teague is just starting out. We’ll visit with both actors and learn about the production.


  • Zach Teague - Li'l Abner in CPCC's production
  • Peter Palmer - Original Li'l Abner on Broadway and on film
  • Tom Hollis - Chair of Drama and Artistic Director of Central Piedmont Summer Theatre at Central Piedmont Community College


Part 2

Education has been a hot button issue across North Carolina, in how kids are educated, how they’re tested, how we pay our teachers and the state’s educational priorities in general. We’ve talked with politicians, journalists, and parents, and today, we turn to North Carolina’s Association of Educators, to talk about education in North Carolina from the perspective of the educators themselves. We’ll meet the vice president of the NCAE to talk about teacher pay, educational budget cuts, class size and more.