Life After The Military

Apr 4, 2014

4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) homecoming, Oct. 6, 2012.
Credit Percy Jones/DVIDSHUB / Flickr/

Life after serving in the military is never easy. Men and women train hard to become very specialized soldiers, highly skilled, motivated and committed to a cause. They are trained to take on the most dangerous missions. Then, suddenly, they are leading normal lives, trying to find normal jobs and fit into a society they haven’t known for years. Blake Bourne was one of those soldiers. He grew to understand just how hard it is to fit in after life as a soldier. Now he’s helping other soldiers make the transition. He and other experts will tell the story of life after the military.

Blake Bourne
- Director, Community Initiatives, Charlotte Bridge Home
David SaNogueira - Technical Recruiter, Queens Associates
Will Manning - SVP, Senior Relationship Manager - Business Banking, Bank of America Merrill Lynch