TomTato Is The Latest Wonderplant

Sep 27, 2013
Originally published on September 27, 2013 7:03 am
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And our last word in business today is: tomato, or tomato - or potato. Or is it potato? Or, well, let's put all of it together in one clay pot.

There's a new wonder plant on the market. Some are calling it the TomTato. Cherry tomatoes grow above ground on the vine while white potatoes grow in the soil all from the same plant. The double crop plant might sound a little bit like mad science, but tomato and potatoes are members of the same plant family, making them really an ideal couple.

A British gardening mail order firm introduced the tomato-potato plant. The hybrid hit European garden centers this week. And it really, it makes perfect sense. Your French fries and ketchup all mixed up in one.

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