Jon Meacham (Rebroadcast)

Apr 5, 2010

Jon Meacham (Rebroadcast) We'll revisit our conversation with Jon Meacham. He's editor of Newsweek, one of America's leading news weeklies. He does so at a time of declining readership for all journalistic print publications and has helped to refocus the magazine in the face of a changing world. Meacham joins us to talk about what his industry is facing, about right and left in the media - which he says manifests itself not in bias but in conflict. He has also authored several biographies, his latest, American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for biography. Guest Jon Meacham - Editor of Newsweek magazine and Author of several biographies Since this is an encore edition, we won't be able to include your comments. Originally Aired: 3/4/2010 Newsweek website Newsweek | Charlotte and Mike get a shout-out in Meacham's column Click here to add and read comments