The Internship Economy

Credit juhansonin / flickr

An internship has long been considered the key to employment. In 2012, 60 percent of college graduates who took part in a paid internship received at least one job offer. Thirty-seven percent of graduates who took unpaid internships received job offers. But, surprisingly, 36 percent of graduates who didn't participate in any type of internship received job offers. That’s a small difference for a lot more, unpaid work. Are unpaid internships worth it? Under what circumstances should interns be paid? Do unpaid internships comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act? We discuss the internship economy, when Charlotte Talks.

Patrick Vernon
– Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial studies and Adjunct Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at UNC-Chapel Hill
Staci Kuntzman – Internship Director for the Communication Studies department at UNC Charlotte.
Melanie Mosberg – Social worker who says that without her four unpaid internships, she would not be where she is today