Illegal Dumping Of Dead Deer, Dogs On Rise In York County

Oct 30, 2013

Credit Courtesy of York County Sheriff's Office

Surveillance cameras are set up along some rural roads in York County, SC, in an effort to stop hunters from dumping skinned deer. Sergeant Broadus Strain says hunters are leaving the deer on the side of roads and in creeks under bridges. He says people are also dumping dog carcasses in the area.

"A lot of people like to get out and walk and keep their community clean, they'll find something like this and it really upsets them, because they really don't want the coyotes and other dogs and stuff to come in, especially around their livestock," Strain says. 

Strain says western York County is particularly bad for dumping. If caught, offenders face fines of up to 500 dollars depending on the weight of the carcass. He says the proper way to dispose of the carcass is to dig a hole at least three feet deep and bury the deer, put it in a trash bag as household trash, or take it directly to a landfill.