Hundreds seek advice on job-hunting

Mar 16, 2009

Several hundred people attended workshops today to learn how to distinguish themselves in a tight job market. The event, called Resources for Changing Times, was held at Central Piedmont Community College's campus in west Charlotte. Most of those who attended were recently laid-off professionals or people who expect to lose their job. They networked, and asked a lot of questions of employers and human resources professionals. 

Paul Santos of CPCC had this advice: "Know what the job is before you go in. Be able to talk authoritatively to your resume and how it relates to what's going on, and at the end of your interview, don't be afraid to ask for the job," says Paul Santos, associated vice president of human resources at CPCC. "Ask about next steps. What do we do from here? As an employer, I'm always interested in a person who's coming to me and saying, 'I want this job, here's why I need to be here and here's why you need to consider me.' Try to be as positive as possible." WFAE was a sponsor of today's event.