Homeowners Associations in North Carolina
12:00 pm
Tue January 31, 2012

Homeowners Associations in North Carolina

Homeowners Associations in North Carolina
Some estimates say that as many as half of all North Carolinians live in neighborhoods governed by Homeowner's Associations. Some HOA's are managed by professional companies but many are run by untrained members of the neighborhood. Sometimes individual homeowners run afoul of their HOA and enforcement can range from very stringent to much less formal. Recently many homeowners across the state say they have been foreclosed on due to non-payment of the HOA dues, not their mortgage. We seek to understand the relationship between homeowners and their HOA.
Jim Lane - Founder, NC HOA Laws Coalition
John Stone - President and CEO, Community Association Services Inc
David Swindell - Associate Professor of Political Science & Director UNC Charlotte Ph.D. in Public Policy Program
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