The Future Of Museums

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

We live in the age of Google and premium cable television, where people can look up an important event or watch a documentary about an important topic in the comfort of their homes. Given that fact, and a weak economy, you can imagine that keeping a museum running, and full of exhibits AND patrons might be a tough thing to do. So what ARE museums doing to stay relevant? To keep people coming through their doors? How are they deciding what exhibits will benefit their community the most, and then get them to come and see those exhibits? We've gathered some local museum directors to talk about what they’re doing here in Charlotte and around the country and about the future of museums.

Kay Peninger
- Executive Director, Charlotte Museum of History
Christopher Lawing - Vice President of Programming and Research at Bechtler Museum of Modern Art
Emily Zimmern - President and CEO of the Levine Museum of the New South
Terry Davis - President of the American Association for State and Local History