The Future of Iraq with Iraqi Students

Jul 22, 2009

The Future of Iraq with Iraqi Students Iraq and its people have seen major change in the past few years. How is this change affecting the youth of Iraq, and what kind of leaders will those young people be when they reach adulthood? We'll meet teens from Iraq who are in Charlotte for a leadership and cultural education experience. We'll talk with them and with an expert on Iraq about what has happened and what is still happening in that country, how it has affected them, and as potential future leaders of Iraq, what they are learning at home and here in the US that will make them successful. GuestsJoe Debiec - Program Facilitator, School for International Training Dr. Jim Piazza - Associate Professor, Political Science at UNC Charlotte 16 year old student from Baghdad 18 year old from Northern Iraq Charlotte Talks | Afghan Teenager Receives Medical Treatment in Charlotte