Fried Green Tomatoes
1:00 pm
Wed August 10, 2005

Fried Green Tomatoes

(8/10/05) Newcomers to the South may notice how much food is fried here. So, after four years in Charlotte, WFAE reporter and New Jersey native Jaime Bedrin figured it was about time she mastered at least one Southern dish.

Recipe for Fried Green TomatoesServes 21 green tomato, medium sized1 cup cornmeal1 tsp. salt3 tsp. black pepper4 ozs. butter2 cups vegetable or olive oil
Combine butter and oil; heat to 350. Slice tomato in 1/4" disks. Combine cornmeal, salt and pepper. Coat disks thoroughly; place in heated oil. Fry tomato completely on one side. Flip tomato and cook other side (about 1 minute each side). Remove tomato and place on absorbant towel or rack.