Foxx Boots Dorsch From Airport Advisory Committee

Apr 24, 2013


Carolinas Aviation Museum President Shawn Dorsch was removed from his position as chairman of the Airport Advisory Council on Tuesday.
Credit Julie Rose

The chairman of the Charlotte Airport Advisory Committee has been ousted on the recommendation of the majority of the 11-member board. 

Shawn Dorsch was grilled by the city council for 90 minutes Monday night about his behind-the-scenes role in supporting a legislative push to strip the airport from the city’s control.  

Dorsch refused to directly answer most of the council’s questions and insisted any views he’d expressed on the matter were made as a private citizen. Following the meeting, six of the eleven members of the Airport Advisory Committee sent a letter to Mayor Anthony Foxx urging him to boot Dorsch from their ranks. 

In a dismissal letter, Foxx accuses Dorsch of being evasive, lacking transparency and failing to fulfill his duty to advise the city council on airport policy.  Dorsch has served on the committee since 2008 and is President of the Carolinas Aviation Museum.

"I appreciate having had the opportunity to serve," said Dorsch in an email statement. "I am sure the mayor was in a difficult position.  I want to help the citizens of Charlotte in any way I can."