Foxhole Landfill Expansion

May 5, 2011

Foxhole Landfill Expansion Recently we explored a proposal by one developer to build a new kind of waste disposal park that would burn trash to create electricity. During that show the subject of the Foxhole Landfill came up repeatedly. The landfill has been in place as a commercial landfill and public recycling center for years but now there is a proposal to expand it by both size and the ability to accept residential waste. The proposal has been met with by a chorus of opposition in the community. We'll examine the proposal and the opposition to the expansion of the Foxhole Landfill. Guests Cary Saul - Director, LUESA (Land Use and Environmental Services), Mecklenburg County Jack Jackson - Member, Foxhole Advisory Council There will be an Open Meeting about the Foxhole Landfill on May 16th at 7pm at Elon Park Elementary. Add and read comments