Foreign Policy With David Rothkopf

Jun 25, 2014

David Rothkopf
Credit Wikimedia

From Iraq to Syria, from Iran to Libya, Afghanistan, Russia and Pakistan, and with issues from torture to domestic surveillance programs and foreign crises, there’s certainly a lot to discuss when it comes to America’s foreign policy strategy. America’s interests and actions around the world over the past decade and beyond are the focus of a forthcoming book by Foreign Policy CEO and editor-at-large David Rothkopf. He’ll join us to talk about the conclusions he’s come up with regarding the major international decisions made during the Bush and Obama years.


  • David Rothkopf: CEO & editor-at-large of Foreign Policy magazine; author of the forthcoming book National Insecurity: American Leadership in an Age of Fear


  • David Rothkopf will speak about his forthcoming book on June 25th at the Charlotte City Club. More info.