Forbidden Broadway & Storefront Theatre

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Part One: Forbidden Broadway. It's been called SNL for Broadway lovers - Forbidden Broadway arrives in Charlotte this week, and describes itself as a musical "roast" of Broadway. This production will include spoofs of some of Broadway's most famous musicals, like Book of Mormon, The Lion King, Mary Poppins and others. We'll be joined by the producer of Forbidden Broadway along with two of the actors, to discuss how four actors manage to play 60 characters in 97 minutes and keep them all straight and much more.

John Freedson
- Producer of Forbidden Broadway
Marcus Stevens - Cast member of Forbidden Broadway
Gina Kreiezmar - Cast member of Forbidden Broadway

Part Two: Storefront Theatre. Waxhaw has long been known as a pleasant little town, a great destination for a day trip to go antiquing or visit a mom and pop restaurant. But it has not been known as a hub for the arts. Several folks are out to change that and one of the leaders of the artistic movement in Waxhaw is Judy Simpson Cook. The longtime playwright, talent agent and actress has created a unique theatrical experience in Waxhaw called the Storefront Theatre. She joins us to share the story of the theatre.

Judy Simpson Cook
- Founder and Artistic Director, The Storefront Theatre