A Few Changes For CMS Students This Year

Aug 20, 2013

CMS expects to have 2,665 more students than last year.  This year all schools will hand out photo ID badges to students.  CMS Deputy Superintendent Ann Clark says that’s part of the district’s efforts to strengthen security. 

“We already have all staff wearing IDs in the district.  This will allow all students and staff at every school to have a photo ID badge, so that we will be able to identify visitors to the campus that may need to check in at the front office,” says Clark.

CMS is opening a new elementary school in Huntersville called Grand Oak to relieve crowding at surrounding schools.  Students at McClintock Middle, and Bain and Pineville elementaries will be returning to completely new school buildings.  The district had planned on renovating them, but found that cost almost as much as replacing them with new buildings. 

The district has installed wireless internet in all its school buildings so that classes can easily get online.  However, all 1,066 mobile classrooms are still without wireless.  CMS is working on getting half of those online this school year and all of them next year.