A Family's Mission To Help

May 4, 2011

One Family's Mission To Make A Difference When 13-year-old Jackson Lewis came home and said to his father, "Dad we have this incredible life, why aren't we doing more to make a difference?", an idea was born for JD Lewis and his sons. The family is now preparing to embark on a philanthropic, year-long trip around the world both to learn more about the world, and also to help. They will travel to 12 countries in 12 months to engage in humanitarian work. Their plan will take them to Russia, India, China, Cambodia, Senegal, Rwanda, Tanzania, Australia, South Georgia Island, Paraguay, Peru and Haiti. To finish up, they plan to live in Mississippi for a month "to document the poverty in our own country." We'll talk to the family about how plans for the trip were set into motion and how people here in Charlotte will benefit from the lessons they'll learn on the trip. Guests JD Lewis - Actor and now acting coach and founder of The Actor's Lab. He's a single father of two boys and they are all going on a year long, philanthropic trip around the world. Jackson Lewis - 13 years old. He's a student at Northwest School of the Arts, and on the trip, he will be the "Global Teen Blogger." Buck Lewis - 8 years old. He will be doing a Lego project in each location around the world and will also be doing video blogs during the trip. Robert Shapiro - Bill Clinton's former principal economic advisor and member of the board of directors for Twelve in Twelve Add and read comments