Explorer Helen Thayer

Nov 27, 2009

Explorer Helen Thayer Adventurer and explorer, Helen Thayer joined us last year to talk about her treks in the arctic, across deserts and among animals like polar bears and wolves - all after the age of 50. This time she shares her experiences from her latest travel to the Amazon where she spent weeks with her husband exploring over 1200 miles of Amazonian rivers and jungle. Join us for an encore presentation of Charlotte Talks with explorer Helen Thayer. Guest Helen Thayer - Adventurer and Author Since this is an encore presentation, we won't be able to take your phone calls. Originally Aired: 5/11/2009 Helen Thayer's website Amazon | Polar Dream by Helen Thayer Amazon | Walking the Gobi by Helen Thayer Amazon | Three Among the Wolves by Helen Thayer Click here to add and read comments