Education, Jobs And Raising A Qualified Workforce

Apr 29, 2014

College preparation has become one of the core missions of American high schools and in fact, fifty percent of high school graduates will attend a four year college. But what about the other half - the students who can't afford college or for whom a 4-year degree isn’t the right path? As the global workplace of the 21st century becomes more skills-oriented, some employers are struggling to find a qualified workforce. Experts are calling for more options for America's youth - more career-oriented pathways at the high school level to help close 'the skills gap.' Our guests today say the health and future of our nation's economy could depend on it. We'll explore the challenges in preparing American high school students to successfully transition into the workforce and find out how internship and apprenticeship programs can help close the skills gap.

Dr. Robert (Bob) Schwartz
- Professor of Practice Emeritus in Educational Policy and Administration, Harvard Graduate School of Education. Lead on the school's 2011 report "Pathways to Prosperity: Meeting the Challenges of Preparing Young Americans for the 21st Century."

Dr. Bill Anderson - Executive Director, MeckEd. 

Clifton Vann - President, Livingston & Haven. A manufacturing technology business in Charlotte, investing in the future talent pipeline.