Eastway Division Model For Future Police Stations

Jun 4, 2014

The new CMPD Eastway Division station houses 104 police officers and 15 members of the Northeast Code Enforcement Service Area team.
Credit City of Charlotte

The city of Charlotte wants its police stations to be more of a one-stop shop. In east Charlotte, city officials celebrated the grand opening of a new police station Wednesday morning. It houses more than 100 police officers and 15 members of the city's code enforcement team. Neighborhood & Business Services director Patrick Mumford says he and CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe first discussed the idea of moving some of his staff into police stations about three years ago.

"It really does work that they bump into police officers in the hallway of the building and strike up a conversation about a particular property in the neighborhood that's a challenge to both of them," Mumford says. "And that would have never happened had they not been co-located in the same building."

Mumford says code enforcement can address longer-term issues that police officers can't – like repeat nuisance violators and problem properties. Business owners who have challenges – from a criminal, zoning, or management standpoint, may now be referred to the city's economic development team if they need advice on how to better manage their business.  

Mumford adds, this is a prototype and how future police stations in Charlotte will be planned – leaving some room for code enforcement staff. The station also includes public spaces for citizens to hold meetings. The total cost of the land, design and construction of the new station was $8 million.