An Ear Around Charlotte On Black Friday

Nov 24, 2012

Super stores, including Walmart, K-Mart, and Target opened on the night before Black Friday this year. At the Target near Uptown, Juanita Stinson sketched out her shopping plan.

"I don’t plan on getting home 'til seven in the morning or later," Stinson says. "Go to sleep, get up around 3 in the afternoon, hit it again."

But, some people don’t approve of Black Friday’s encroachment into the holiday.

"I believe in family and I think we need to take at least one day to celebrate in Harmony," says Teresa Clay. Nevertheless, Clay was standing in line waiting for a super store to open.

"I am, I’m cheating," Clay says. "It’s a budget thing. It’s a serious budget thing."

At Concord Mills, staff expected as many as 200,000 shoppers this weekend.  Crowds swarmed through entrances when the doors slid open at midnight on Friday.

"It's crazy," says Jesse Rumley, a clerk at Splats, a kiosk in the mall. It’s her first Black Friday. "When they opened the doors, everyone just made a mad run through here."

Abby Alexander found she had bought more than she bargained for.

"I came in for a $30  Christmas tree," Alexander says. She left with that Christmas tree - along with two TVs. That's a perfect example of why businesses are creeping Black Friday into Thursday.