Dilworth Unveils Public Sculpture

Nov 30, 2012

A new public art sculpture will be unveiled this weekend.

It’s located on the corner of Romany of and Dilworth Roads and it nods to the neighborhood’s streetcar history. The sculpture is made completely out of old tracks which were discovered while road crews were working on East Boulevard in 2009.  “The neighborhood came together and hated to see all that old streetcar line get scrapped because it really was the foundation and history of the neighborhood and decided they wanted to do something creative with it,” says Michael Orell. He is part of the Dilworth Art Project, the group formed to produce the sculpture. The group raised money by selling old spikes from the streetcar line in local stores, and through neighborhood donations.  “It took about five months but we pulled $30,000 together fairly quickly, in a very tough economy” Orell says.  The sculpture will be unveiled at 5 pm Sunday, December 2.