Democratic Platform and the DNC

Aug 9, 2012

Democratic Platform and the DNC As the Democratic National Convention edges closer to descending upon Charlotte we launch a series of examinations of the tent pole issues the Democratic delegates will support, debate and eventually adopt as part of their platform. Some of the issues are obvious like the economy, healthcare and foreign policy but party leaders also say that gay marriage may end up as a plank and gun control is back in the news as well. We'll break down the largest issues, look at how the GOP is likely to view them in Tampa and how Democrats will discuss them during the convention in Charlotte. Tent pole politics, when Charlotte Talks. Guests Dr. Michael Bitzer - Chair, Dept. of Political Science and History at Catawba College and writer for WFAE's political blog The Party Line Eric Heberlig - Associate Professor, Political Science Dept. at UNC Charlotte Scott Huffmon - Professor, Political Science at Winthrop University Add and read comments