Davidson Professor Predicted Exact Election Results

Nov 8, 2012

Josh Putnam of Davidson College was one of a handful of election watchers to call the presidential race accurately.
Credit David Boraks

News coverage of polls leading up to Tuesday’s election made the presidential race seem like a neck-and-neck battle – a nail-biter whichever side you were on. But poll-watcher Josh Putnam has known how it would turn out for months.

The Davidson College political science professor came out on top among those tracking the presidential polls this time around, accurately predicting how the Electoral College votes would fall: 332 for President Obama, 206 for Mitt Romney.

His spot-on Electoral College tally put him in elite

company – one of three nationally known prognosticators to get it right, according to Slate.com’s “Pundit Scorecard,” published Wednesday.

Besides Prof. Putnam, others who nailed the Electoral Vote totals were Nate Silver of The New York Times and Democratic adviser Chris Lehane.

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