Dark Energy: Space and Time

Mar 23, 2011

Dark Energy: Space and Time A scientific conversation about time and space on the next Charlotte Talks. We'll look into the discovery and study of "dark energy" with Dr. Juan Estrada, a physicist with Fermilab. He's leading a project on dark energy aimed at looking further into space than has ever been done before-toward the beginnings of the universe. How are scientists able to look back in time? Find out. Guest Juan Estrada - Physicist with Fermilab (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois - part of the US Department of Energy) Event | Searching the Universe for Signs of Dark Energy with Juan Estrada, March 23rd, 2pm at UNC Charlotte From Wired: 570-Megapixel Camera Prepares to Hunt for Dark Energy (photos) Add and read comments