CMS Hires Consultant To Survey Employees About Morale

Sep 12, 2012

New Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Heath Morrison has said improving teacher morale is one of his top priorities.  He's hired an outside consultant to survey employees about morale in schools. 

Morrison has gotten an earful about low teacher morale in the district since he arrived.  He's asked teachers to come to town hall meetings to get their perspectives.  Now, he wants all employees to take a survey that attempts to answer these questions. 

"What is the current state of morale in Charlotte-Mecklenburg?  Are there other issues outside of those same pressures that have occurred all over the country that are unique to our school district?" says Morrison.  "Then more importantly, if we have morale issues how do we join together with other employees to make those things better."

The district has hired K-12 Insight to conduct the surveys.  The company is meeting with groups of CMS employees this week to come up with questions.  Morrison expects the surveys will cost up to $140,000 dollars. 

At last night's school board meeting, several CMS employees praised this first step. 

"Hopefully, let's get some honest dialogue, some respectful dialogue, some encouraging dialogue, not dialogue of the past where we were just widgets and cogs and if you didn't do a good job, we'd get fired," said Pete Guice, a counselor at Independence High School.

The surveys will go out to CMS employees next month.  Morrison expects to release the results to the public in November.