CMS Board Clearer on Magnet Programs

Oct 3, 2008

It was the CMS board's second day-long work session on magnet programs. Superintendent Peter Gorman gave specific details including a recommendation to convert Lincoln Heights Elementary, a high-poverty school, into a full magnet school that would absorb a program from the smaller Villa Heights Elementary. After last month's meeting board members weren't sure what they wanted. Board Member Trent Merchant was glad to have more specifics this time around. "They provided a comprehensive or thorough recommendation that touched on a number of areas. It's the kind of presentation where I don't favor everything, which is probably good," said Merchant. About 20,000 students attend magnet programs at CMS. Some parents have been vocal against changes at their children's schools. They'll be able to give input at upcoming board meetings. The board is scheduled to vote on final recommendations in November.