What's The Charlotte Accent?

Apr 26, 2013

When you "talk,"  do you say "tawk" or "tock?" What does it mean to have a Charlotte accent? If you were born in the Charlotte region (or even if you’re a newcomer like me), we want to know what you sound like. 

Credit Tasnim Shamma

So we've started a new project to collect your voices called The Charlotte Accent Project. We'll publish your recordings and photos on the radio as well as our web site, Tumblr blog, Facebook and Twitter


  1. You must live in the Charlotte region. 
  2. Call this number (704) 412-9850 and leave a voicemail message with the following:  "My name is _______ and I am from ______. I was  born in _(year)_ . I currently live in ______. My family is from _______.
    Some of my friends and I caught some fish at a pool at the bottom of the hill. We baked the fish for dinner and then we drove back to my house on a country road to Charlotte."  (If applicable, please also tell us when you moved to Charlotte). 
  3. Please submit a headshot using this form before May 15, 2013. 

Here are a few examples

*By participating, you agree to allow us to publish submitted photos and voice recordings (with attribution) on the radio, our websites, blogs and other promotional material.