Charlotte's Bigfoot Connection on TV

Nov 19, 2008

These days Morris Costumes is one of the biggest wholesalers in the business. But the company got its start making gorilla suits for magicians and circuses. And that's how founder Philip Morris says he ended up making the costume that would launch the Bigfoot craze in 1967. "I received this telephone call and the man introduced himself as Roger Patterson and said he wanted to buy a gorilla suit," recalls Morris, sitting in his Charlotte office. "I said, 'What do you want the suit for?' And he said, 'Well I'm playing a joke, a gag, on some of my friends and I'm looking for the suit.'" Morris sold Patterson the suit for $425, and a few months later it was all over TV in video footage Patterson claimed to have shot of Bigfoot. That's the way Morris tells it, anyway. But you can decide for yourself with a new documentary that includes Morris and other Bigfoot experts tonight at 10 p.m. on the TV-Land Network.