Charlotte Talks: City Council Veterans On New Mayor, Council's Generational Shift And The Year Ahead

Dec 5, 2017

Charlotte City Council members Julie Eiselt, James Mitchell, Ed Driggs

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

We hear from three returning city council members who will be joining a new group in which the majority are under 40. Their thoughts on this generational divide and on our new mayor.

Monday night Charlotte’s new city council takes office along with our new mayor, Vi Lyles. The new council has a distinct characteristic: it is controlled by newcomers, all of whom are under 40. It appears voters - most over 40 - decided to pass the torch to a new generation.

We met three of those young members last week but today, we hear from three of the slightly older returning members of council. How will they handle this generational divide? How will they help these young newcomers get up to speed on the challenges this growing city has long faced while also dealing with what may be new ideas and approaches?

Mike Collins talks with Julie Eiselt, James Mitchell and Ed Driggs about that and more.


Julie Eiselt - At-large Council member, Democrat; top vote-getter in November election. She's beginning her second term on council.

James "Smuggie" Mitchell - At-large Council member, Democrat; third top vote-getter in the election. He's beginning his second term at-large. He served as the district 2 representative from 1999-2013.

Ed Driggs - District 7 Council member, Republican; beginning his third term.