Charlotte Talks

Dec 12, 2007

Give Green / Literary Trails of North Carolina Mountains Mike Collins is back in the studio for a two-part program on this edition of Charlotte Talks. In the first part of the show we'll learn how we can "Give Green" this holiday season with an organic gardner who has gift tips for the environmentally conscious loved ones on your Christmas list. And in the second part of the show, the author of a book about travel in the mountains of North Carolina and some of the well known authors who've lived, worked or written about the region - authors like Robert Morgan, who was on the show last week, the late Thomas Wolfe, Charles Frazier and more. We'll talk about the book and the companion website, and about some of the author's favorite places to visit. Guests Part One: Don Rosenberg - the founder of Instant Organic Garden Part Two: Georgann Eubanks - author "Literary Trails of the North Carolina Mountains" Contact the show: 704-926-9323, 800-603-9323