Charlotte Named Finalist To Host Summer X-Games

Apr 30, 2013

One of several hundred skateboarders at the Battle Slam Jam at Grayson Skatepark in August 2009. If Charlotte is chosen to host the summer X-Games in 2014, it would be one of the biggest extreme sports events on the East Coast.
Credit flickr/James Willamor

The X-Games may have a three-year run in Charlotte. ESPN announced that Charlotte is one of four cities being considered to host the summer X-Games for three years, starting in 2014. It's a four-day event with multiple extreme sports including BMX freestyle, skateboarding and motorbike competitions. Josh Frazier, the owner of the South End clothing and skateboard shop, Black Sheep, says the event would show a different side to the city.

"Traditionally Charlotte's got a little bit of a conservative reputation, I believe, it's known more for the banking system and things like that," Frazier says. "So I think it's a good opportunity for us to step a little bit outside of our box and to get some attention you know outside of just the financial sector."

Shawn Soules, the owner of Sinister Skate Shop in Concord, says he believes it would have a big economic impact on the state because it would be one of the largest events for the skating community on the East Coast. He attended the 2011 X-Games in Los Angeles. 

"I can't wait. I hope it happens," Soules says. "I've seen it first-hand and know how much fun it is and what it would do for the community. I think it would be huge." 

ESPN says the event can expect to attract at least 100,000 visitors. The other cities being considered are Chicago, Detroit and Austin, Texas.