The Charlotte Hornets: Past And Future (Rebroadcast)

May 26, 2014

The Charlotte Bobcats are gone. Last week they officially reclaimed the Hornets moniker, but will the team be able to recapture the buzz of the original bugs? How will we ever feel the thrill shared by fans on opening day for those Hornets back in November of 1988? We look back at those Hornets, remember some names and moments from the past and peer into a crystal ball for what the future Hornets may bring. (Originally aired 11/26/2013)

Matt Crossman 
- Freelance writer, author of The Place Went Nuts: An Oral History of 1988 Charlotte Hornets, 25 years later for Charlotte Magazine
Tom Sorensen - Sports Columnist for The Charlotte Observer
Steve Martin - Charlotte Bobcats play-by-play announcer, former broadcaster for the Charlotte Hornets