Candidate ME 4 - Mr Postman...

Aug 11, 2017

In this episode, Tom breaks a campaign promise and asks our political gurus for their pick as the biggest broken political promise in Mecklenburg County.

Then Candidate ME takes a look at absentee mail-in ballots - the potential problems and even a recent scandal with them.

And our completely biased political panel is back in studio talking about how campaigns and their candidates know who votes by mail-an ballot and they fight hard to get those votes. And how they microtarget you if you don’t. Then they share stories of other shady and sometimes illegal things campaigns do during early voting in order to get you on their side.

Republican Larry Shaheen (left) and Democrat Dan McCorkle (right) are the political strategists that make up our completely biased political panel.
Credit Tom Bullock / WFAE