Breaking Down Keith Scott Investigation Findings, Reactions

Nov 30, 2016


CMPD officer Brentley Vinson will not be charged in the shooting death of Keith Scott.

"After a thorough review and given the totality of the circumstances and credible evidence, it is my opinion that officer Vinson acted lawfully," Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murrays said during a press conference Tuesday morning.

Murray laid out details of the case for nearly 40 minutes, building to that conclusion.  Shortly after, attorneys for the family of Keith Scott responded with their own press conference. Lawyer Justin Bamberg expressed understanding for the DA's conclusion:

"It does not mean that this officer's killing of Keith scott was right.  All that means is that under the view of the DA's office, it wasn't criminal. And those are two completely different things."

WFAE's David Boraks and Lisa Worf were at both of those press conferences and have read the DA's report. They joined Mark Rumsey during All Things Considered to discuss the findings and reactions. (Transcript forthcoming)

Transcript of Officer Brentley Vinson's interview with police:

Read the district attorney's report regarding the decision to not file charges.