Blueberries Are Just Around The Bend

Jan 23, 2017

It’s the time of year when the dreary gray days can seem to run together. But the Earth is turning toward springtime as it awakens the possibilities a new season can bring.

Smart gardeners use the winter for planning – but those catalogs we peruse by the fireside can make some pretty wild promises.

For example, consider the blueberry bush: It is really possible to get 20 pints of berries from one mature plant? How can a gardener tell if the berries will be healthy and tasty? Why do some plants thrive and others fail, and how can we keep from killing the plants we treasure and nurture?

As usual, our friends at the NC State Extension have the answers. Better still, they will be hosting a free workshop to learn important tips that will guarantee success. A Blueberry Pruning Workshop will be held at the Prevette Family Farm in Olin, N.C., on February 15 from 1 to 4 pm. In addition to sharpening their pruning skills to maximize plant yield, hobbyists and professional growers alike can receive instruction from state experts in disease prevention and insect control.

The Prevette Family Farm is located just about an hour north of Charlotte. The workshop is free but registration is required here.

A “berry good” experience is guaranteed.