Bill To Allow Students To Attend Any Public School Gets Delayed

May 6, 2014

Credit Tasnim Shamma

Lawmakers have reservations about a draft bill that would allow North Carolina students to attend any public school in the state regardless of where they live.  Members of a joint legislative committee Monday decided to delay its progress until they could discuss it further.

Republican Representative Edgar Starnes of Caldwell County was among those who expressed concerns.

“I just see a lot of competition for a limited number of seats.  I just see where it could create some problems,” said Starnes. 

The proposal would require districts to come up with a process to allow students to select schools.  Districts wouldn’t have to accommodate a student, if the requested school was full.  Students could also choose to attend schools outside the district where they live. In that case, that district would receive state money for the student, but not local money.