The Big Thirst and the State of Water

Jun 10, 2011

The Big Thirst and the State of Water Water is the most important and vital substance in our lives, but more mysterious than we may realize. On today's Charlotte Talks, guest host Chris Clackum is joined by writer Charles Fishman to talk about water, from the desert climate of Las Vegas, to the Australian Outback, to the moons of Saturn, and through time from the age when we thought water was ever-abundant and safe to our future when water may be the next major global crisis. In Fishman's new book, "The Big Thirst," he outlines facts about water's availability and safety along with how water may be viewed in the near future depending on our civilization's ability to understand and manage this most precious resource. Guest Charles Fishman - author of The Big Thirst: The Secret Live and Turbulent Future of Water. Also, The Wal-Mart Effect and a writer for Fast Company Magazine. Add and read comments.