Belmont Abbey College To Make $1 Million In Administrative Cuts

Apr 7, 2014

Credit Courtesy of Belmont Abbey College

Belmont Abbey College is taking a step toward a financial model where tuition alone covers operating expenses.  Belmont Abbey’s President Bill Thierfelder says the college will cut $1 million in administrative costs to get closer to that goal. 

He says right now the college like many others spends too much on departments that tend to function in their own silos. 

“It creates work and it creates the need for more people to do this work, instead of coming up with really one, well-run, unified system that’s in one place where you have people that understand the other roles people have,” says Thierfelder.    

The college plans to create something called a Student Services Hub that will bring together registration, financial aid and bill payment services, so students can access them in one location.  Some of the savings will also come by handling more student service type questions online. 

Because of those changes, Belmont will cut 13 full-time and 3 part-time positions.