Basketball in Segregation (Rebroadcast)
12:00 pm
Fri December 30, 2011

Basketball in Segregation (Rebroadcast)

Basketball in Segregation (Rebroadcast)
The 1950's and '60's were a heyday for talented basketball players in our region but many of the most talented players were left off all-star teams and out of college gyms simply because they were black. Last year, The Charlotte Observer published a series of articles that honored some of the greatest players whose careers were influenced by the struggle for civil rights going on around them. Yet, the camaraderie of the players, both black and white, defined race relations behind the headlines, protests and marches. We look back at that time with a reporter on the story and with a man who lived it and has been called by some, the greatest basketball player in our region.
Originally Aired: 12/2/2010
Peter St. Onge - Staff Reporter, Charlotte Observer
Harry Pickett - Deputy Sports Editor, Charlotte Observer
Paul Grier - Former Basketball Player
Richard Vinroot - Former Mayor of Charlotte and basketball player

Mike with former Basketball player Paul Grier
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