Anti-Terrorism Conference in Charlotte

Sep 30, 2008

As gas shortages and financial news rock Charlotte's economy, local law enforcement officials are gathered Uptown to discuss a different kind of threat. They're joined by representatives from the FBI and the state department of public safety at the second annual North and South Carolina Terrorism Conference. Mecklenburg County Sheriff Chip Bailey says his office is the primary sponsor of the two-day anti-terrorism conference because he believes Charlotte is a possible terrorist target. He says there's no information to suggest a direct threat, but Charlotte's prominence in the banking industry could make it attractive to terrorists looking to disrupt financial markets. Bailey says the terrorism conference is a primer for first-responders. "We're wanting all of our folks to be educated on what to look for, what to be aware of," says Bailey. "Not only in response, but also proactively so we can be ready to intercede if we think somebody's doing something like that." The conference also addresses domestic terrorist activity with briefings from public safety officers involved in the Virginia Tech and DC sniper incidents.