Andy Griffith's Life Lessons

Aug 24, 2012

Andy Griffith died Tuesday at his coastal North Carolina home in Manteo. He was 86. But home was Mount Airy, North Carolina, in Surry County near the Virginia border, also known as Mayberry. Andy Griffith had many roles on television and in movies, but his legend was made in the 249 episodes of The Andy Griffith Show from 1960 to 1968. The show gave us more than laughs. The Rev. Neal Brower says it also gave us life lessons. Brower is the author of "Mayberry 101: Behind the Scenes of a TV Classic." "It was a gentle place to go. You felt welcome there and you learned something about life in a lot of the episodes, and you saw a lot of love," Brower says. One example is this scene from an episode called Opie The Birdman, which Griffith had said was one of his favorites. Brower taught several classes about the show at several community colleges, including CPCC. He spoke to WFAE's Mark Rumsey about the lessons that The Andy Griffith Show gave us.