Against The Wall with Photojournalist William Parry

Feb 27, 2012

Against The Wall with Photojournalist William Parry A lot of journalists cover the conflicts in the Middle East and many have their eye on the historic struggle between Israelis and Palestinians. Among those journalists, William Parry may have the most intriguing perspective on this struggle of all. Mr. Parry has focused an entire book, Against the Wall, and a photography study on the wall being built by the Israeli government. By focusing on the wall as a barrier, border, political statement and also a canvas for social commentary, Parry tells the story of how that singular structure defines a people's struggle. Join us for a conversation with photojournalist William Parry. Guest William Parry - Photojournalist and author of Against the Wall: The Art of Resistance in Palestine Parry will speak at UNC Charlotte tonight (2/27) at 6pm. Lucas Room in Cone Center. Details. Add and read comments