2012 In Review: 4 Great Graphic Novels We Haven't Told You About Yet

Dec 31, 2012

Ok, same drill as last Friday's post about my favorite ongoing comics series of 2012: We've highlighted a lot of great graphic novels over the past year, many of which belong on "Best of 2012" lists. But instead of ginning up new ways to tell you those books are good, I'll simply link you back to what we've said before about Building Stories, Sailor Twain, The Underwater Welder, The Hypo, Marbles, Are You My Mother, God and Science: The Return of the Ti-Girls, and Drama, Crackle of the Frost, Little White Duck, and Gloriana.

So I figured I'd use this space, as the last hours of 2012 tick down to midnight, to play catch-up and highlight four of this year's great graphic novels that we haven't gotten around to covering. This, like last Friday's list of ongoing series, consists of more personal choices - the books I found myself pressing into friends' hands over and over again.

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