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Michael Tomsic became a full-time reporter for WFAE in August 2012. Before that, he reported for the station as a freelancer and intern while he finished his senior year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He’s covered everything from a U.S. presidential visit and a shortage of life-saving cancer drugs to a college football scandal and a cutting-edge art exhibit. Michael has interned with Weekends on All Things Considered in Washington, D.C., where he contributed to the show’s cover stories, produced interviews with Nas and Branford Marsalis, and reported a story about a surge of college graduates joining the military. At UNC, he was the managing editor of the student radio newscast, Carolina Connection. He got his start in public radio as an intern with WHQR in Wilmington, N.C., where he grew up.


Local News
6:13 pm
Thu March 26, 2015

Mark Price Brings 'Proven Ability To Develop Talent' To UNC Charlotte

Mark Price
Credit nba.com

A sharpshooting former NBA All-Star is UNC Charlotte's new men's basketball coach. Mark Price is leaving his assistant coaching position with the Charlotte Hornets to take over the 49ers program.

If you want to learn how to shoot a basketball, there are very few people with more expertise than Mark Price.

Price won the NBA's 3-point contest in 1993 and 1994. He retired in 1999 as one of the NBA's greatest shooters.  

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Local News
5:31 pm
Wed March 25, 2015

Specialty License Plates, The US Supreme Court And NC

North Carolina offers specialty license plates with the Confederate flag.
Credit http://www.ncdot.gov/dmv/

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments this week in a Texas case that could resolve an ongoing legal question in North Carolina: can lawmakers here offer a license plate that says "Choose Life" but refuse to offer a pro-choice alternative?

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Local News
8:46 am
Fri March 20, 2015

NC Senators Aim To Eliminate Religious Exemption For Vaccines

Credit National Conference of State Legislatures

Three state senators filed a bill Thursday to make it tougher for parents to avoid vaccinating their children. The bill would eliminate North Carolina's religious exemption for vaccines.

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Local News
8:28 am
Wed March 18, 2015

Doctors Use Genetics To Find The Right Key To Unlock Cancer Treatment

Edwina Edgeworth and her son, Ronnie.
Credit Michael Tomsic

Advances in technology are changing some of the basic questions doctors ask when treating cancer.

“Does it matter if it's breast or lung or colon or leukemia - should we be treating tumors based on their mutations and not on their tissue of origin?” says Dr. Stan Lipkowitz of the National Cancer Institute.

Doctors in Charlotte and across the country are in the early stages of answering those questions. They’re focusing on the genetic mutations thought to be driving someone’s cancer, rather than the place it started.

For some patients in Charlotte, the results of this treatment have been remarkable.

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Health Care
5:58 am
Mon March 16, 2015

Satisfied Patients Now Make Hospitals Richer, But Is That Fair?

Medical Park Hospital's patients tend to be pretty happy customers, leading to thousands of dollars in rewards.
Credit Novant Health

This story is the result of a partnership between WFAE, Kaiser Health News and NPR. You can find another story from our partnership here.   

In Medical Park Hospital in Winston-Salem, N.C., Angela Koons is still a little loopy and uncomfortable after wrist surgery. Nurse Suzanne Cammer gently jokes with her. When Koons says she's itchy under her cast, Cammer warns, "Do not stick anything down there to scratch it!" Koons smiles and says, "I know."

Koons tells me Cammer's kind attention and enthusiasm for nursing has helped make the hospital stay more comfortable.

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Local News
5:58 pm
Wed March 11, 2015

Novant Health Planning To Form Partnership With UVA

Winston-Salem based Novant Health is planning to form a partnership with the University of Virginia Health System. They would create a new company in northern Virginia that Novant would manage.

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Local News
1:44 pm
Tue March 10, 2015

NC Tax Revenues Still Down But Not As Much

North Carolina's gap in tax revenue compared to the year before keeps getting smaller. The Office of the State Controller reported Tuesday that tax revenues are still down though.

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Local News
11:05 am
Mon March 9, 2015

NC Doctors Will Have To Pay Back 3 Percent Of Medicaid Payments

* Indicates practices exempt in 2014 due to ACA match funds. Recoupment estimate for first two months of 2015 only.
Provided by the NC Medical Society – Chip Baggett – Jennifer Gasperini – Dave Horne

Doctors across North Carolina will soon have to pay back a chunk of what they earned treating Medicaid patients over the past 14 months. The retroactive pay cut is part of a law passed in 2013 and tweaked last year. As you can imagine, doctors aren't too happy about giving back money the state has already paid them.

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Local News
4:01 pm
Thu March 5, 2015

Why United Healthcare And Carolinas HealthCare System Couldn't Reach A Deal

In the Charlotte area, roughly 80,000 United Healthcare customers may have to find a new doctor. The health insurance company says that's how many people are affected by its contract expiring with Carolinas HealthCare System.

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Local News
2:36 pm
Tue March 3, 2015

What Supreme Court Obamacare Argument Could Mean For NC

Credit healthcare.gov

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday in a case that North Carolina's attorney general and many others say could lead to chaos in health insurance markets.

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