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Ben Bradford is a city kid, who came to Charlotte from San Francisco by way of New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. Prior to his career in journalism, Ben spent time as an actor, stuntman, viral marketer, and press secretary for a Member of Congress. He graduated from UCLA in 2005 with a degree in theater and from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2012. As a reporter, his work has been featured on NPR, WNYC, the BBC, and Public Radio International.


Local News
9:16 am
Tue August 13, 2013

Frustrations With MeckLINK Grow As Denials For Care Increase

A slide from MeckLINK's June presentation to the Mecklenburg County Commission. It shows the decline in Intensive In-Home Treatment, an expensive treatment, where mental health workers visit a child at home or school.
Credit Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg County’s mental health patients are being denied care they have grown accustomed to, after a statewide reorganization cut money available for Medicaid mental health. Mecklenburg County set up the agency, MeckLINK, to manage the remaining funds. The agency's officials blame the state for cutbacks, but providers say denials to patients for service exceed the amount cut by the state.

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9:34 am
Fri August 2, 2013

Duke Energy Cancels Planned Florida Nuclear Site

Duke Energy has announced it will cancel plans for a new nuclear power plant in Levy County, Florida. With no new energy to show, ratepayers are on the hook for the cost, while Duke’s turned a profit.

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Local News
10:12 am
Thu August 1, 2013

State Claims Health Overhaul's Insurance Rates Are A Trade Secret

The recipe for Coca-Cola is perhaps the most well-known example of a company's trade secret.
Credit Jeff Trexler / flickr

North Carolina has taken one of the last steps in setting up a new online marketplace for health insurance plans, a cornerstone of the president’s health care law. The state’s Department of Insurance announced Tuesday it has approved the rates health insurance companies can charge on the marketplace, but it will not release those rates.

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Local News
5:26 pm
Fri July 26, 2013

Hard For Children To Ascend The Income Ladder In Charlotte

The southeast had the lowest rate of low-income children achieving wealth, in the study.
Credit Equality of Opportunity Project

Charlotte’s economic ascension over the past generation has not translated into an easier climb to wealth for poor residents. A new study looks at how children of low-income parents fare as adults and finds Charlotte near the bottom of America’s largest cities.

The entire swathe of the southeastern United States is painted deepest red on the study’s map, from Louisiana to Virginia.

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Local News
10:49 am
Thu July 25, 2013

Lawmakers Push Ban On Islamic Law In Family Court

UPDATE: The North Carolina House concurred on the bill, sending it to Governor Pat McCrory for his signature.

For months now, Republican lawmakers in Raleigh have been pushing to ban North Carolina courts from enforcing “Islamic law,” or Shariah. Last week, the state Senate passed the latest bill with this aim. But, do courts really enforce Shariah, or any foreign laws, in their decisions? Where did this bill come from? And, what effect would the law have? WFAE's Ben Bradford takes a look.

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Local News
11:47 am
Thu July 11, 2013

Sequester Slashes Budgets At Schools On Military Bases

Butner Primary School, on Fort Bragg, lost about 2/3 of its budget from prior years, according to Department of Defense data.
Credit Ben Bradford / WFAE

The 89,000 children taught in schools on military bases are losing resources and school days, because of the federal budget cuts known as the sequester. The cuts are set to deepen in October.

The Pentagon lost nearly one-sixth of its budget this year due to budget cuts, including the sequester. And, because of the across-the-board nature of the cuts, nearly every division is effected, other than troops actively fighting in wars. That includes schools. On Fort Bragg, the nation’s most populous Army base, educators have seen their budgets slashed, in some cases by more than half from previous years.

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Local News
10:01 am
Wed July 10, 2013

Purchase Could Lower Prices At Harris Teeter

Kroger suppliers could take over the production of some Harris Teeter brand foods.
Credit moonlightbulb / Flickr

For the past five decades, Harris Teeter has been a locally-based company with a relatively small chain of regional supermarkets. Not anymore. The company announced Tuesday it’s being acquired by Kroger, the nation’s largest supermarket. What could the transformation from regional chain to national subsidiary could mean for you at checkout?

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10:14 pm
Wed July 3, 2013

Senate Passes Rule On Fracking Fluid

The Senate has passed requirements for what gas companies must reveal about the chemical mix they pump into ground during hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The Senate overrode another state government group’s more stringent rule.

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9:45 am
Tue July 2, 2013

1,200 Turn Out For 'Moral Monday' Protest In Raleigh

Police estimate about 1200 demonstrators turned out for Monday's protest.
Ben Bradford WFAE

About 80 people were arrested at the state house in Raleigh Monday night. It was the culmination of the latest “Moral Monday”—a series of protests led by the NAACP, against Governor Pat McCrory and Republican legislative leaders. All told, nearly 700 have been arrested in the nine weeks of demonstrations. As the protests have continued to grow, WFAE’s Ben Bradford documented the latest event.

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Local News
10:08 am
Thu June 27, 2013

CDOT Removing One-Way Streets Uptown

The Center City Transportation plan calls for Charlotte to have a lot less of these.
Credit Counse / Flickr

Uptown Charlotte could look a lot different in five years—not the skyline, the streets. Several one-way streets will become two-way streets under the city’s Center City Transportation Plan, which is scheduled for completion around 2020. The plan will also affect Uptown this summer, when the Charlotte Department of Transportation starts converting a section of Poplar Street to a two-way road.

Ben Bradford spoke with Ashton Watson, project manager at CDOT. Watson says one of the goals is to slow down traffic. First, they discussed the upcoming changes.

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