Mecklenburg County commissioners will hear details Wednesday night of a proposal to replace Charlotte's historic American Legion Memorial Stadium with a new facility designed for soccer. The stadium opened in 1936 in the Elizabeth neighborhood. Construction was fueled by more than $51,000 in federal Works Progress Administration funding, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt came to town to help dedicate the new venue.  

Taylor Dabney

Last year’s massacre at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina renewed the debate over gun control, racism…and the Confederate battle flag that flew outside the South Carolina statehouse at the time.

For Virginia artist and former McColl Center for Art +Innovation resident Sonya Clark, the Confederate flag has long been a part of her work. In a piece titled Unraveling, she unravels a cotton Confederate flag with members of the public in a museum. It’s a tedious task that takes time—which is no coincidence. The piece shows people how long it takes to deconstruct a complicated symbol in American history.

WFAE’s Sarah Delia spoke with Clark around this time last year about that piece. She circled backed with her a year later to learn how her work has been received and to hear what’s next.  

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Over 400 cyclists, swimmers, and track and field athletes are in Charlotte this weekend. They’re competing for spots on the 2016 U.S. Paralympic Team.

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North Carolina is home to perhaps the closest gubernatorial race in the country. So it’s no surprise that outside groups are buying up airtime to bolster their candidate of choice.

But this is surprising, these outside groups have spent 47 times more on campaign ads than the candidates themselves. That’s according to a report released July 1, which also shows the race for North Carolina’s governor’s mansion is becoming a proxy war.

Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation

 North Carolina lawmakers have sent Governor Pat McCrory a bill that would relax the state's coal ash cleanup law. It passed the House, 82-32, Thursday night and immediately drew criticism from environmentalists.

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The Paralympic Trials began Thursday morning in Charlotte. Trials in cycling, swimming, and track and field will be held over the next three days and are open to the public. 

Charlotte Area Transit System

The price you’ll pay to ride Charlotte Area Transit is going up in some cases, but CATS is not calling it a fare increase. The price of an individual ride is not going up, but the price of weekly passes is increasing from $22 to $30.80. CATS is also doing away with discounts on several 10-ride passes and reducing some volume discounts for people who buy transit passes through their employers.

President Obama And Hillary Clinton Coming To Charlotte Tuesday

Jun 29, 2016

President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will campaign on Tuesday in Charlotte, the Clinton campaign announced Tuesday.

The announcement said Obama and the Democratic presidential candidate “will discuss building on the progress we've made and their vision for an America that is stronger together.”

The campaign did not immediately provide details of the appearance.

Wake County Police

There aren’t many people who can say they spurred a standing ovation from lawmakers not long after posing for a mugshot.

Republican State Senator Fletcher Hartsell, from Concord, accomplished that strange feat on Tuesday.        

North Carolina passed an abortion law in 2013 with similar language to what the U.S. Supreme Court struck down this week in Texas. But the implementation has been different here.