Membership FAQs

Your membership provides us with the dollars it takes to pay for NPR® and APM® and PRI® programs and WFAE produced news and Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins.  Your annual support allows us to provide you with the dynamic mix of news, information and entertainment you depend on.  WFAE receives 92 percent of its operating funds from right here in the listening area.  Individual contributors and businesses make up the majority of the money it takes to keep WFAE strong.  Here's how that looks:

Description of WFAE Membership Levels
Listed below are the numerous levels of WFAE Membership, however, you may donate any amount with which you are comfortable.

$52:  Basic member benefits include E-Scoop, WFAE’s monthly e-newsletter, and eligibility   for notification of special events and giveaways.
$72:   All above and any appropriate premiums by request.
$120: All above plus the MemberCard 2 for 1 Discount Card by request
$180: All above.
$250: All above and a Day Sponsorship.
$365: All above and a Day Sponsorship.
$500 and above:  Membership in the WFAE Future Society. 

Updating Your WFAE Member Information
Please let the WFAE Membership Department know if you have moved, changed your name, phone number, e-mail, or made other changes to your personal information. You can also update account preferences regarding mail, e-mail and other related concerns. Simply contact the WFAE Membership Department via email at or phone at 704-549-9323.

Ticket Giveaways
WFAE occasionally conducts email giveaways of tickets and discounted offers or advance purchase benefits for to cultural events around our region. All WFAE members are eligible to win tickets. If you are a winner, you will be asked to provide your contact information. We do require an e-mail address to process these requests.

E-Scoop is WFAE’s monthly e-newsletter and program guide featuring upcoming events, news and information about your favorite Charlotte Region radio station. Sign up here to receive the E-Scoop.

Payment Methods
WFAE accepts the following methods of payment: credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), debit cards with VISA logo, cashier’s checks, personal checks, business checks, money orders and publicly traded securities. Click here to learn more. If you absolutely must pay your donation in cash, please contact the WFAE Membership Department by phone at 704-549-9323.

Pledge Drives, Donations and Premiums
WFAE has on-air member drives. They are traditional in public broadcasting as the most cost effective way to inform listeners about how we are funded and reach new members.  About 30 percent of our total income budget is derived from the on-air drives.

WFAE has made a concerted effort to be a premium-free station. During our fund drives we do offer sweepstake for trips and fund-drive related gifts on an occasional basis. If you have a specific premium in mind we are happy to accommodate your request if we have available stock.

WFAE, a non-profit public radio station, licensed to the Charlotte region. Contributions to WFAE are tax-deductible to the extent allowed under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). If you receive any premium(s) as a result of your gift, the amount of your contribution that is deductible, for federal income tax purposes, is limited to the amount by which your gift exceeds the fair market value of the premium(s) (i.e., the value of your premium(s) can reduce the amount of your tax deduction).  Please check with your tax advisor.

Gift Memberships / Memorial Contributions
WFAE is pleased to accept contributions in memory of someone or as a gift membership for someone. Please contact the Membership Department at 704-549-9323 or The honoree or his or her family will receive an appropriate acknowledgement.

Matching Gifts
If your employer participates in a Matching Gift program, they will match the tax deductible portion of your contribution. Please contact the Human Resources or Community Relations Department of your employer to obtain a Matching Gift form. Complete the Employee portion of the form and mail it to: WFAE Matching Gifts, 8801 J.M. Keynes Drive Suite 91, Charlotte, NC 28262.
Many companies also offer online forms that are sent to WFAE via email. Please note that a Matching Gift will not increase your membership level or overall donation because it is a tax-deductible donation from your employer.

A list of participating companies that have a history of matching gifts to WFAE is available here.  If you don't see your employer's name on the list, please contact your human resources representative.